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It is a joy to have you worship with us. Whether you are looking for a church or your just visiting, it is our desire that you enjoy your time with us. And even more important, your spiritual life will be encouraged and you hear of a God, who loves you just as you are.

Our Mission - “To Embrace and Extend the Love of Christ.”

All true believers of Jesus Christ are one Body, for the purpose of loving others, as Jesus loved us, and gave His life, so that all may become believers.

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In this day of unrest, fear and lack of faith, we would like to let you know that there is a Christian Church in Gladwin like no other to soothe, heal and enrich your soul! Many churches are alike, but ours is quite different. We would like to formally invite you to attend the Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship (GSCF) Church at 284 Norway Street, in Gladwin, Michigan. Our Sunday service is at 10:30 A.M.

Our parishioners are a tightly knit group, which is quite apparent when you see it for the first time! Everyone knows and supports each other in such a wonderful way. If one of our people has a problem, we ALL pray and support them. It is quite uncanny how we all come from such different backgrounds, yet are so much on the same page in worship. It is truly an experience you’ve probably never had! Most of us have tried different places of worship and maybe haven’t found exactly what we’re looking for…Please try just one of our Sunday services and you will behold an experience of unity that I bet you’ve never felt before…!

God bless you and hope to see you next Sunday!

The Congregation, Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship Church