Why Choose Good Shepherd Fellowship Christian Church?

“My Wife and I have been going to Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship church for six years now and it’s like we have another family!  Much more personable than other churches we’ve attended! We highly recommend this wonderful church!”

Dean and Judy Campbell

“My husband and I are charter members of Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship. We are blessed with our praying church family. If you are looking for a new church home, please check us out.”

Kathy and John Nemyer

“This church reminds me of the warm loving church I grew up in. I love it and you will to.”

Carol Cottingham

“As a minister of the word, I find this church willing to grow spiritually. The people are genuinely friendly and have so many good qualities.”

Rene Schenk

“I love the church because everyone is so friendly and for the good! And after church, I really love the fellowship!”

Ken Billingsley

“I am a charter member of this church and I’ve loved it since it’s inception… I love the fellowship and my church family!”

Lorraine Rose

“I love this church because we got married in it and that means a lot to us! We find that everybody is so friendly and we love the fellowship after church! We love our church family!”

Marty and Grant Williams

“I have been a member of this church since the beginning. I am sure you will love the camaraderie and Bible teaching, as we have! Welcome to the Good Shepherd Church family!”

Mike and Connie West

“We like the church because people are so friendly and we greatly enjoy the fellowship!”

Pastor Brent and Janet Craig

“When entering Good Shepherd for the first time, my heart felt like a flower, opening, and God entered!”

Norma Soriano

“I love this church because it’s like a whole other family!”

Tory Henderson

“Everyone is so friendly at this church and it feels like family!”

Sandra O’Rourke